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Process and Timeline


Summary of Strategic Plan Development Process

The strategic planning process is based on the work of committees with representatives from across campus. Committees will explore their topics by engaging deeply with the community and analyzing input from stakeholders. Each committee will write a report on their topic that considers a set of cross-cutting themes. Read on below for more detail on each phase of development for the Strategic Plan. 

Strategic Planning Process and Timeline

Phase 1:
Project Formation

Winter 2019 - Spring 2019

In this stage, the framework for the strategic planning process was established and initiated. Constituent input was solicited across campus and the Chancellor held a Town Hall to kick off the project in April 2019. The Steering Committee was appointed and provided the Strategic Planning Brief.

In May 2019, the Steering Committee had a retreat to review the 2020 strategic plan, perform SWOT, gap, and landscape analyses and articulate core values for UCR. Five committees (listed below) were created. Each committee is charged with producing a 5-10 page report on their subject areas that reflects a deep engagement with and feedback from UCR’s many constituents including students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members and extensive research.


Contributions to the Public Good
Research and Scholarly Distinction
Sustainable Infrastructure, Operations, and Finance
Thriving Campus Community
Unparallelled Student Experience

Phase 2:
Committee Meetings
and Consultation

Fall 2019 - Winter 2020

During this stage, committees conducted quantitative and qualitative assessments in their respective topic areas. Committees participated in the visioning process through several exercises. Efforts to engage community members took place throughout this stage including forums, presentations, surveys, and interviews; looking a little different for each committee. Nearing the end of Winter 2020, committees drafted their preliminary frameworks for their 5-10 page reports. Later, the full versions of these reports will be published to the community for feedback. 

Efforts during the Strategic Planning process are guided by AKA Strategy consultants, which is explained in further detail in this Provost Campus Update

Updates on this stage are sent to campus monthly by the Provost after each monthly Steering Committee meeting. The Provost's Strategic Planning Updates are available here.

Phase 3:
Committee Reports

Spring 2020 - Fall 2020

Each committee's work will culminate into a 5-10 page report on their respective topics that will inform the draft of the Strategic Plan. Originally due at the end of Spring Quarter, the committees' report deadline has been extended into Fall Quarter. Committees will continue to revise their work and engage community members throughout this process. 

The committee reports, once completed, will be publicly posted for feedback/input from the campus. Feedback will be synthesized and integrated as the committee drafts the University Strategic Plan.

Phase 4: 
Draft Strategic Plan

Summer 2020 - Fall 2020

The Strategic Planning Committee will pull together all committee reports and public feedback to draft the first full version of the Strategic Plan. 

Similar to committee reports, once the plan is drafted it will be posted publicly for input. The Strategic Planning Committee will solicit feedback from leadership, campus members, and community members. 

Once feedback is collected, the Strategic Planning Committee will revise the Strategic Plan into its final form. 

This stage will also include the development of implementation procedures and accountability measures. 

Final Phase: 
Launch the Strategic Plan

Winter 2021

With the Strategic Plan ready to launch, this stage will include implementation procedures and accountability measures. 

Committees responsible for periodic reviews will be established. 

Finally, the Strategic Plan will be announced and advertised to the campus and the public.