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School of Business Strategic Plan

Our vision is to be an internationally recognized leader in business education and research.

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We create knowledge through impactful research, unlock potential through exceptional educational experiences and foster success in an innovative and collaborative environment thereby contributing to the upward mobility for our diverse student population.

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Core Values









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Strategic Goals


We will deliver a world-class environment through our physical spaces, organizational culture, and our connections.


We will engage our students in rigorous learning and discovery throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs and our connections.


Our success depends on our ability to empower our people and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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  • Physical Spaces
    Construction of a new multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art LEED Platinum School of Business building complex that will foster organic interaction and serve as a signature landmark for all our stakeholders Construction began in late 2022 with an expected completion date in fall 2024.
  • Organizational Culture
    Foster a work environment of shared governance, responsibility, communication, and refinement in policies and procedures  
    Encourage and embrace open dialogue and debate through formal and informal channels  
    Develop an open, collegial culture that fosters and nurtures students, faculty, and staff to take risks, seek challenges, and empower others  
    Promote and celebrate our accomplishments The school recently celebrated the official groundbreaking for our new building
    Foster community within the school  
  • Connections
    Enhance and sustain engagement between employers, alumni, donors, and the school  
    Establish a strong alumni culture of lifelong connectedness and giving back  
    Fund a distinguished academic and professional visiting speaker’s series and host conferences on current management topics of interest  
  • Undergraduate Programs
    Explore new program opportunities and effective ways to combine and build on existing programs On February 22, 2022, the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate approved the school’s proposal for an Undergraduate Major in Actuarial Science. The first cohort of students will be admitted into the program (as freshmen) in the fall of 2023.
    Determine an effective balance between remote and in-person learning  
    Promote education abroad  
    Integrate soft skills into learning outcomes  
    Expand opportunities for experiential learning  
    Determine the viability of expanding the school’s Career Development Center to serve the undergraduate population  
    Enhance and systematize guest speaker utilization in courses and clubs  
  • Graduate Programs
    Continuously review and revise curricula to enhance students’ competitiveness in the job market Concentration in Business Analytics has been added to the MBA/PMBA programs
    Increase domestic student enrollment in graduate programs  
    Explore new specialized master’s and certificate programs  
    Explore alternative formats for graduate programs and offer an online MBA  
    Expand the eligibility to enroll in the Master of Science in Business Analytics program by establishing a track for students with nonbusiness and/or statistics background  
    Ensure that our financial aid is competitive to attract and yield high-quality applicants  
    Expand the Career Development Center to increase industry outreach and to support student achievement  
  • Research Enterprise
    Offer incentives that promote high-quality research and teaching excellence in hiring, merit, retention, and promotion  
    Make breakthrough research and resources accessible to the academic and professional communities  
    Facilitate the exchange of research ideas  
    Enhance our diversity initiatives to nurture an inclusive research environment  
  • People
    Empower, recognize, and promote individuals who distinguish themselves through their leading-edge scholarship, teaching, and service  
    Foster a work environment that empowers individuals to excel and advance  
    Reinforce a supportive community, one that helps members deepen professional investigation and achievement  
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement
    Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in recruiting students, staff, and faculty  
    Recruit international graduate students from a broad range of countries  
    Provide an excellent stakeholder experience in the most effective manner to empower those inside and outside of the organization to carry out their tasks in the most efficient way  
    Empower continuous improvement in policies and procedures  


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School of Business STRATEGIC PLAN