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This dynamic website for UCR 2030 outlines our ambitions for where we would like to be in 2030 and our intentions for how we will get there. It highlights our central priorities and helps us hold ourselves accountable. Each spring, we update this site to provide links to metrics, data, and stories to assess our progress toward our goals. The central campus strategic goals outlined below provide the foundation for the faculty and staff in the schools, colleges, and other organizational units to achieve the goals laid out in their respective plans. Details on those unit-specific strategic plans can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. UCR’s mission, values, and pillars of our identity can be found at ucr.edu/mission.

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Strategic Goal I


Build financial stability, resiliency, and sustainability

  • Increase Net Revenue
    Grow nonresident enrollment

    Intensive & targeted outreach (out-of-state and international)

    Fall 2022 – 4.2% non-resident students

    Increase summer session offerings and enrollment
    • Identify new courses for summer (based on student demand)
    • Expand and enhance recruiting efforts
    • Review budget model incentives


    Increase number of master’s programs and master’s enrollment
    • Perform market studies to determine viability of proposed master’s programs
    • Increase support for developing and submitting proposals


    Grow extramural research funding
    • Provide competitive internal seed funding opportunities
    • Expand campus and school/college support for grant proposal development and grant management

    Total Expenditures

    Grow philanthropy
    • Develop larger pool of donors
    • Engage faculty in donor cultivation and stewardship
    • Expand alumni programming
    First stand-alone Highlander Give Day
    Advocate for resources from State of CA
    • Provide timely information to state legislators
    • Engage actively with UCOP on development and
      refinement of allocation protocols
  • Improve Financial Models
    • Stabilize funding for core research facilities
    • Provide budgeting and forecasting tools to units

    Roll out common budget template and forecasting tools that are part of the new financial system


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Strategic Goal II


Invest in the success of the people who teach, do research, work, learn, and live at UCR

  • Address Faculty Equity & Professional Growth
    Reduce equity gaps
    • Implement salary equity program
    • Improve orientations and expand programming
    The equity adjustments implemented October 1, 2022 brought 213 faculty members to within 3% of their projected median and represented a campus investment of $1,300,000
    Enhance leadership development Implement CORO faculty leadership program Faculty Leadership Collaborative Program
  • Improve Graduate Student Success and Pipelines
    • Improve graduation rates
    • Decrease equity gaps
    • Provide support for faculty to apply for more training grants
    • Support student applications for individual fellowships
    • Right-size TA budgets


    Grow new 4-1 & 3-2 Master’s programs
    • Incentivize new program development
    • Increase support for developing and submitting proposals
  • Improve Undergrad Student Success and Experience
    • Improve graduation rates
    • Decrease equity gaps
    • Sustain academic standards
    • Invest in student advising (personnel & software)
    • Launch new Black Student Success Initiatives
    • Strengthen first year academic support and skills training


    Expand high-impact practices & career / leadership development across demographics

    Provide expanded opportunities to increase the numbers of students participating in:

    • Honors
    • Education Abroad
    • Research
    • Internships
    • Learning communities
    • Community engaged learning
  • Address Staffing Levels, Staff Flexibility and Professional Growth
    Invest in strategic hiring Identify areas for staff expansion  
    Enhance professional development
    • Reassess pilot options in 1-2 years
    • Update campus policy / implementation in units
    • Ongoing rollout of supervisor resources for hybrid/remote
    • Remodel some admin spaces to accommodate flexwork
    Employee and Organizational Development launched a new self-paced leadership program in March 2023.
  • Enhance Campus Space
    Expand and improve teaching facilities
    • Fund, design, and build the Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Facility (UTLF)
    • Capitalize on new teaching space in new education buildings (Medicine, Business)
    • Renovate existing class labs/studio spaces on campus.
    Support ongoing renovation of research facilities
    • Advocate for state funds
    • Allocate campus funds
    • Prioritize renovation projects
    Develop additional student housing
    • Collaborate with Riverside Community College on North District Phase II
    • Prioritize housing options for graduate and international student populations

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Strategic Goal III


Expand the visibility and scope of influence of UCR locally, nationally, and globally


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