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Student Affairs Strategic Plan

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Strategic Goals


Vision Statement
Student Affairs is committed to being a global leader in developing students through innovative, holistic, and transformative best practices to become change agents who inspire, motivate, and create a better world.


Mission Statement
Student Affairs will provide a transformative experience for current and future world-class change agents through innovative and collaborative partnerships.

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Strategic Themes and Objectives

  • Strategic Theme 1: Transform the student experience
    Create and sustain a culture of student success by reducing and removing barriers 2020-2021
    Bridge the gap between enrollment and graduation by strengthening the infrastructure designed to support basic needs and student well-being 2020-2021
    Develop and implement new or reimagined signature events, campus traditions, etc.  
    Support the development of new or renovated student success facilities  
    Enhance the student employment experience through a unified focus on learning outcomes and performance metrics  
    Elevate and strengthen the student experience through the implementation and assessment of high impact practice  
    Provide evidence-based programs and services to support students' health, mental health, and wellbeing  
  • Strategic Theme 2: Creating collaborative partnerships
    Each department in the Division will identify key campus stakeholders and community partners and establish three (3) meaningful campus or community partnerships  
    Partner with key stakeholders (i.e. students, faculty, staff, alumni) to improve the student experience and promote academic success  
    Develop partnerships with student affairs divisions across the nation and/or around the world to learn about, share, benchmark, and implement best practices  
    The Division and its departments will establish or expand advisory boards to include more perspective and expertise in creating a culture that supports student engagement and success  
    Establish a Faculty Partnership position to support innovative strategies developed between academic affairs and student affairs  
    Student Affairs will collaborate with University Advancement, Government Relations and other key campus stakeholders to advance community engagement and student success  
  • Strategic Theme 3: Establishing organizational excellence
    Establish a staff development committee to plan, implement, and coordinate Division-wide professional development activities, programs and initiatives 2020-2021
    Develop and implement comprehensive on-boarding programs for all new team members  
    Every full-time employee in the Division will create an annual professional development plan  
    Recognize and celebrate high performing teams and staff while providing opportunities for departments in the Division to showcase programs, services, and initiatives locally, regionally, and nationally 2020-2021
    Review and revise (as necessary) practices, policies, procedures, job descriptions, and other Division operational documents to ensure alignment with its vision, mission, strategic themes, and objectives  
    Develop and implement a Student Affairs marketing and communications plan to highlight its on-going work and to "tell the story"  
    Create a comprehensive development plan, including advancement and grant writing activities to diversify sources of funding and promote long-term fiscal sustainability  
    Establish and staff an assessment office to support best practices and continuous quality improvement 2020-2021
  • Strategic Theme 4: Fostering and advancing social justice
    Identify and secure resources required to develop and implement programs, services and initiatives to enhance diversity, inclusion and social justice on campus  
    Identify and implement best practices in social justice  
    Identify and revise practices, policies, and procedures that are barriers to inclusion and equity  
    Develop a long-term diversity, inclusion, and social justice plan 2020-2021
    Develop and implement a "think tank" experience for team members to actively participate in on-going diversity, inclusion, and equity training  


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Student Affairs STRATEGIC PLAN