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Health, Wellbeing and Safety Strategic Plan

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  • Raise awareness of HWS programs and services available to students
    Maximize newly created health information on a variety of media formats  
    Utilize technology to share information related to holistic health strategies to encourage help-seeking behaviors  
    Work with colleges and E&G centers to integrate basic well-being and mental health programming into already established student cohorts and learning communities  
    Increase enrollment in Mental Health Allies program Increased Faculty representation within Mental Health Allies Program
    Increase faculty and student participation in the Collective Impact Team (C.I.T.) proposals  
    Work with enrollment management and admissions to increase marketing efforts for incoming students  
    Adopt a policy for the use of division-wide social media to leverage a more coordinated approach  
  • Demonstrate impact of HWS programs and services on student success, retention, and graduation
    Identify and/or create tools to collect and share data for improved campus-wide health goals  
    Closely partner with Institutional Research
    (IR) and Student Affairs (VCSA) to access/align current (and ongoing) data collection efforts
    Ensure that 100% of HWS programs have established specific and measurable goals and outcomes (along with a robust program evaluation process)  
    Improve the collection of Division-wide demographically representative data  
    Expand infrastructure to publish in peer-reviewed journals and Op-eds related to campus/college well-being  
    Attend national conferences and present on HWS data and outcomes  
    Foster partnerships to assess health status of the campus community  
  • Enhance the student experience, holistically, through population health best practices
    Prioritize Collective Impact strategies to highlight the importance of health and well-being across departments and units beyond HWS  
    Integrate the Okanagan Charter which uses common language, principles, and framework to promote health and well-being on campuses Spring 2024 rollout of Okanagan Charter
    Strengthen ties to the A.S. and S.A. to implement best practices related to well-being into classroom culture (e.g., syllabus statements w/ wellness resources, red folder, etc.)  
    Integrate brief intake questions during direct service visits for appropriate (and quick) referrals to other HWS units  
    Formalize integrating inclusive and equity focused PH strategies (e.g., ethnic, gender, accessibility, etc.) and evaluate regularly  
  • Stabilize HWS infrastructure for long-term growth, resiliency and sustainability


    Continuously review and realign resources as needed, and identify new revenue streams (grant funding)  
    Incorporate core public health competencies into all HWS job descriptions  
    Establish a communication plan designed to improve the effective delivery of critical internal organizational communication  
    Look for nationally recognized health organizations for departments/the division to become appropriately accredited in respective HWS units  
    Maximize financial growth in current HWS departments to help supplement funding in other HWS areas  
    Work with ITS on improving outdated technology systems across the division  
  • Create a culture of wellness for students, [HWS] staff, and faculty
    Embed well-being into all aspects of campus culture, including administration, operations, events, and programs  
    Develop an orientation program that includes a “Public Health 101” module for HWS staff  
    Broaden the campus community’s understanding of Collective Impact  
    Incorporate health equity and diversity in all programs, services, and hiring processes  
    Create ongoing events, lectures, and interactive groups for HWS staff to connect and feel supported on their own personal well-being journey  
    Create opportunities for an early career professional pipeline for recently graduated students interested in holistic well-being careers