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Information Technology Solutions Strategic Plan

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Strategic Themes

  • Business process automation
    Focus computers on things computers do well and humans on things humans do well Successful integration of the School of Business into the ITS Managed Desktop Service
    Ensure digital fluency to provide creative, equitable, and innovative engagements, including training, support, documentation, and AI-driven solutions  
  • Enhance user experiences
    Create cohesive paths for user engagement across the enterprise platform of services and interfaces 10% of IT services identified in initial assessment have been migrated to Google Cloud as part of Impact23
    Build relationships, increase engagement, collaboration, perception, of technology initiatives and support Looker has been deployed for financial data sets related to Impact23, continuing partner with BFS on enhancements
  • Be secure, protect assets & privacy
    Identify the highest compliance risks to UCR and make them the priority for controls, policies, and procedures related to cyber security and data privacy Increased cover of agents vs IP scan We have 40% adoption across campus and have started pilot efforts in the academic units
    Infuse an understanding and use of the UC privacy values and principles across the campus community through the technology and services that ITS manages We expanded our self phishing campaign to include all of campus. 2024 has seen a decrease in falling for the phishing by 43% 2024 has seen an increase on reporting through PhishAlarm by about 20% from this time last year Training compliance is ~86%
    Zero Trust Security (ZTS) verification for all focused on users, assets, and resources Secure Device Service is new but we already have around 30% coverage.
  • Data drives business
    Establish effective campus data governance that builds trust in the data being provided to
    answer important questions
    Create platforms that ensure faculty, staff, and students have access to all the data they need in a secure manner 558 Total Looker Users, 181.2 Users Active/Week
    Build a data management program that ensures data is high quality, accurate, and up to date  
  • Sustainable operations at scale
    Operational excellence, platform alignment, and reduction of complexity throughout business and functional operations (e.g., automation)  
    Deploy infrastructure in a way that enables ITS staff to quickly meet the strategic needs of the campus  
    Deploy new services that have a minimal environmental impact  
  • Research at cloud scale
    Build, deploy, and support research computing in cloud and hybrid constructs that supports the research endeavors of UCR 90+ faculty are making use of Google Cloud for research