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Sustainable Infrastructure, Operations & Finance



Vice Chair


Committee on Sustainable Infrastructure, Operations & Finances: 
Chair: Christian Shelton, Computer Science and former chair of Planning & Budget 
Vice Chair: Gloria Gonzales-Rivera, Economics 

Faculty Members:

  • Juliann Allison, Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, CHASS 
  • Jade Sasser, Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, CHASS 
  • Weiwei Zhang, Associate Professor of Psychology, CHASS 
  • Monica Carson, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, SOM 
  • Philip Roberts, Distinguished Professor of Nematology, CNAS 
  • Ryan Julian, Professor of Chemistry, CNAS
  • Brian Siana, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Staff Members:

  • Peggy Mauck, Director, Agricultural Operations
  • Jason Rodriguez, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Yelda Serin, Graduate Quantitative Methods Center Coordinator 
Community Member: 

Academic Leader: 

  • Yunzeng Wang, Dean of Business
  • Bob Ream, Interim Associate Dean in GSOE

Administrative Leader: Gerry Bomotti, Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget & Administration and CFO

Foundation/Alumni Board Member: Jeff Krynski, Alumni Board
Graduate Student: Amy Boyd
Undergraduate Student: Camila Fisher 
Supporting Staff Member: Lisa Cusick, University Advancement 

Committee Charge 

The Sustainable Infrastructure, Operations, and Finances strategic planning committee will work collaboratively and engage in broad discussions and thoughtful analysis to produce the questions, goals, metrics, and summary recommendations that will guide UCR's effort to manage and grow our campus in a manner that incorporates sustainable practices to reduce environmental impacts, move the campus towards the UC 2025 carbon neutrality goal and derive long term operational and financial benefits. The committee should identify barriers to institutional effectiveness and suggest opportunities to improve campus processes allowing the campus to operate with greater efficiency and enhanced productivity. Finally, because a sustainable financial plan underpins everything we do, the committee should explore opportunities by which the campus can reduce costs and leverage opportunities to grow revenue to ensure UCR's future success. This effort will culminate in a 5-10 page document, due in Spring 2020 that will be shared with the campus community. Following an opportunity for feedback, this report will be synthesized with those of the other committees to produce the strategic plan. 

The committee will be led by a chair and vice-chair and supported by a staff member who will partner closely with the chair and vice chair while also serving as a contributing member of the committee. The staff member will assist the chair and vice chair by helping to facilitate communications, organize and schedule meetings and summarize meeting discussions. 

In this work, the committee will integrate the discussion and analysis of UCR' s values as they impact our efforts to build and maintain sustainable infrastructure, operations and finances. As this is critically important to the future of UCR, it is important that committee members act and think as campus representatives, rather than constituents of their own department, college, or office. Because the work will be carried out over the coming year, committee members must commit to sustained and regular meetings including committee discussions over the summer. Committee members will speak thoughtfully and listen carefully, engaging each other and the larger campus community in respectful dialog.