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UCR 2020 Archive

 In 2010, UC Riverside completed a strategic plan to provide a framework for the growth of the campus and investment for the next decade. The plan and the process to develop it are archived on this site. 

UCR 2020: The Path to Preeminence

What We Will Accomplish

The Strategic Action Plan is a document that:

  • Defines the size and shape of UCR in 2020.
  • Has an overarching theme of excellence, access, diversity, and engagement
  • Sets priorities for UCR, for the strategic investment of resources:
    • As we move from prominence to pre-eminence.
    • As we achieve the profile of an AAU-member university.
  • Is based on benchmarks set by AAU-member universities, where appropriate.
  • Establishes benchmarks and metrics for assessment of progress towards achieving goals.
  • Is not a static document; will grow and change over time.
  • Is a touchstone document that will guide UCR in making decisions about what areas to emphasize and how to invest our resources.
Who is Doing the Work?

The action plan has been developed by eight subcommittees and a steering committee. Each committee has a chair and vice chair, with the chairs serving on the steering committee.

View the list of committees, their members and their charges

The Timeline for the Project

An aggressive project development timeline has been set towards the goal of having a final Strategic Action Plan -with benchmarks, metrics for assessment of the achievement of goals - by June 30, 2010.

View the complete timeline for the project