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Steering Committee


To view Steering Committee meeting minutes and materials, visit the Resources Page

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee
Chair: Tom Smith, Provost 

Academic Senate Chair:

  • Dylan Rodriguez, MCS (19-20)
  • Jason Stajich (20-21)
Academic Senate: Christiane Weirauch, Entomology 
Staff Assembly President: Crystal Petrini

GSA President:

  • John Haberstroh (19-20)
  • Nichi Yes (20-21)

ASUCR President: 

  • Julian Gonzalez (19-20)
  • Luis Huerta (20-21)

Vice Chancellors:

  • Peter Hayashida, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement 
  • Brian Haynes, member Student Experience, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
  • Rodolfo Torres, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development 

Deans of Colleges: 

  • Chris Lynch, BCOE Dean 
  • Milagros Pena, CHASS Dean (19-20)
  • Juliet McMullin, CHASS Interim Dean (20-21)
  • Kathryn Uhrich, CNAS Dean

Chairs and Vice Chairs of Strategic Planning Committees: 

  • Yat Sun Poon, Chair, Unparalleled Student Experience, Mathematics 
  • Rebekah Richert, Vice-Chair, Unparallel Student Experience, Psychology
  • Xiaoping Hu, Chair, Research and Scholarly Distinction, Bioengineering 
  • Timothy Lyons, Vice-Chair, Research and Scholarly Distinction, Earth Sciences 
  • Bruce Link, Chair, Contributions to the Public Good, Sociology and SPP 
  • Gabriela Canalizo, Vice-Chair, Contributions to the Public Good, Physics and Astronomy 
  • Xuan Liu, Chair, A Thriving Campus Community, Biochemistry 
  • Eddie Comeaux, Vice-Chair, A Thriving Campus Community, GSOE
  • Christian Shelton, Chair, Sustainable IO&P, Computer Science 
  • Gloria Gonzales-Rivera, Vice-Chair, Sustainable IO&P, Economics 

Supporting Staff Members

  • Ken Baerenklau, Support, Associate Provost & SPP 
  • Julia McLean, Support, Provost's Office
  • Shannon Timmons, Support, Provost's Office