Strategic Action Plan

Committee on Excellence in the Delivery of Graduate Education

Excellence in the Delivery of Graduate Education

  • Chair: Christine Chiarello, professor of psychology
  • Vice Chair: Ken Baerenklau, associate professor of environmental sciences & associate dean of Graduate Division.
  • Committee Members: 14 committee members, consisting of:
    • Christopher Switzer, professor of chemistry
    • Patricia Springer, professor of botany and plant sciences
    • Tom Novak. professor at AGSM
    • Guillermo Aguilar, professor of mechanical engineering
    • Tiffany Lopez, professor of English
    • Leonora Saavedra, professor of music
    • Xinping Cui, professor of statistics
    • Jang-Ting Guo, professor of echonomics
    • Robert Ream, professor at GSOE
    • Cheryl Gerry, MSO, Mechanical Engineering
    • Sarah Ryan, graduate student
  • Staff Support
    • Kara Oswood
  • Charges: 
    • To identify and promote best practices in graduate academic and professional programs.
    • To determine the strengths and weaknesses of our departmental, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary graduate programs; to consider the viability of existing graduate programs and to make recommendations regarding the structure and possible reorganization of graduate programs.
    • To develop strategies for increasing the number, caliber and diversity of the graduate student population, including the mix of graduate academic and professional school students.
    • To make recommendations about graduate student recruitment, funding, experiences and services. 
    • To identify means of increasing graduate student support. 
    • To recommend ways of enhancing and improving the graduate student experience.
  • Planning document:  Attributes of Excellence in Graduate Education

     The EDGE subcommittee welcomes input from the campus community on any strategic planning issues related to graduate education.  You can reach us by clicking on the email link in the menu bar on left side of this page, or by looking up a subcommittee member in the campus directory and emailing or calling that member directly.  The subcommittee is particularly interested in receiving feedback on these topics:

    How does your graduate program provide mentoring for graduate students, and who participates in the mentoring?  Please note any particularly effective aspects of your program’s approach to mentoring, as well as any aspects that are in need of improvement and how they might be improved.

    How does your graduate program work to achieve and maintain a diverse graduate student body?  Note any particularly effective aspects of your program’s approach to promoting diversity, as well as any aspects that are in need of improvement and how they might be improved.  

    How do you evaluate the “quality” of a graduate program?

    What are the most important things the campus could do to grow and improve graduate education?

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